Friday, October 29, 2004

Good old radio commentators

The third Test against Australia is on at Nagpur. As I am a radio enthusiast, I listen to radio commentary, apart from watching the match on TV occasionally.

The commentary has been a trip down the memory lane, in a way. The two English commentators are Suresh Saraiya and J.P. Narayanan. They have been there for more than almost 20 years. I have been listening to them since school days. They have their very distinct style of rendering the commentary.

Their voice takes me back to the school days, when we used to huddle around the radio. It is a different experience altogether. Unlike TV, radio offers the opportunity to visualise a lot. We used to rush during the 15-minute break during school hours to listen to the commentary and then rush back and announce the score to others.

Another person I miss commentating is Anand Setalvad. I don't know where he is. Age shows in JP sound. But not so in Suresh's. And, there was this Sushil Doshi, who used to commentate so fast, especially when describing a boundary. As if trying to race with the ball. But unfortunately, he moved over to TV, though he was more suited to radio, given his style.

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  1. Oh yes, I remember those days. There was no television and yet some of them were so good as to make us feel like we were there - the way they described the motions and the emotions.Now with so much visual support I guess the commentary has taken on a different style.