Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Meaning of Veerappan's death

Veerappan is dead, finally -- shot and killed around 11 pm yesterday. It's a huge relief that this society is free of a dreaded criminal, who masterminded murder in the most cold-blooded manner and looted treasure. Tamil Nadu's STF chief Vijayakumar deserves all accolades for spearheading the undercover operation with the most clinical precision and by putting their own lives at risk.

But a regretful thought overwhelms the mind. Couldn't this have been achieved long, long, long back. Yes, we could have, if Veerappan didn't have the patronage of some politicians.

So what does Veerappan's exit mean? Has our corrupt system also vanished with Veerappan? If so, then there's really sometheing to cheer about. But if only Veerappan has gone, and the corrupt system that supported him still exists, then there'sn't much scope for celebration. For, what is the guarantee that there won't be another Veerappan, even more dreaded?

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