Friday, October 1, 2004

Bush-Kerry debate round 1

Got up early morning to see the Bush-Kerry debate. Since India is ten-and-a-half hours ahead, what was Thursday night in the US was Friday morning for me. Kerry put up a good show. He was doing the attacking and Bush was doing the defending.

I agree with Kerry, that Bush shouldn't have gone to war in such a hurry. If reports are to be believed, a decision to attack had been taken much before the issue came to UN. It came to UN only because of moderates in the administration and Tony Blair. And since Iraq is on the boil, Bush doesn't have much to show anything other than that Saddam is gone.

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  1. Yes, & the coalition that went to war against war a very shallow one compared to the one that attacked back in the early nineties.

    Also, the Iraq war has been so much of a focal point of American foreign policy that no one is talking Israel in the US, right now.

    Wanton killing of civilians, Bush style, is terrorism, whether done in uniform or not, & the earlier America wakes up to that fact, the better for them.

    The Spanish prime minister who went to the war lost his mandate. Blair may go as well. The Iraq war is a crass display of bad reasoning & rotten emotions!