Saturday, October 2, 2004

A Kerry quote I liked

During the first TV debate in Miami, President Bush and Senator Kerry sparred over their approach to terrorism. While Kerry felt Bush had rushed to war, when there wasn't any reason for it, the President felt otherwise.

One grouse Bush had was that Kerry is inconsistent, and sending wrong message to solidiers and enemy. Bush is sure of what he is doing and thinks that's right. In this context at the fag end of the debate, here is what Kerry said:

"...this issue of certainty. It's one thing to be certain, but you can be certain and be wrong. It's another to be certain and be right, or to be certain and be moving in the right direction, or be certain about a principle and then learn new facts and take those new facts and put them to use in order to change and get your policy right. What I worry about with the president is that he's not acknowledging what's on the ground, he's not acknowledging the realities of North Korea, he's not acknowledging the truth of the science of stem-cell research or of global warming and other issues. And certainty sometimes can get you in trouble."

I think it is a very profound thought. What Kerry said makes a lot of sense; not just in politics, but in day-to-day life of each one of us.

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