Friday, May 27, 2005

Bangalore flooded!

Around 4 pm Bangalore became dark. If you didn't have the watch you would easily thought it was 7 pm. It began to drizzle. And, then suddenly... the clouds just opened up... It began to pour, and pour, and pour. It must have lasted just 45 minutes or at the most an hour.

In no time, the hi-tech city seemed to be sinking, as roads filled up with water. The city's most well-known street, M.G. Road, resembled a lake! The Ulsoor lake overflowed flooding nearby areas. The city came to a standstill.

This isn't the first time we've had heavy showers. But it's the same story over and over again. Roads are such that water wouldn't drain off. And if they do drain off, the drains are such that water wouldn't flow out.

Isn't it any surprising, when our adminstrators care a damn for public life. How can the administrators be so different from the ordinary citizen who have little civic sense, and dump all the litter on to the drains!

There's more to follow. The monsoon proper is setting in in the first week of June.


  1. It is interesting considering the fact that Egyptians and Greeks knew thousands of years ago that water only flows from top to bottom - and it still hasn't dawned on the the planners of the high-tech city.


  2. I hung my head in shame Friday evening. Bangalore was shown in all its sham glory as the only city that comes apart in its seams under just one shower. The city's fragility was exposed and I fear the actual monsoon's onset.

  3. well friday was really bad.. usually i dont go out but hat day was feeling sick sititng at home
    took my bike and when i start and go on the roads. man full of water... what madness...
    my jeans...wet till knee level. it was really sad... i tried 2 ways to go to forum and finally the 3rd one was cool

  4. ah well...

    i can only envy u guys. i wouldnt mind some flooding but gawd please please give us some rain. may be i will go home to watch monsoon at its full fury!

    ps: have u read the book "chasing the monsoon" an awesome book to read in the monsoon drecnched nights (provided ofcourse electricity stays on!)

  5. It sounds more than a little frightening to one who has never experienced a monsoon. We get upset over the occasional flooding that occurs here, but it's negligible compared to what you endure there.