Monday, May 23, 2005

Wonderful but unsafe rain

It is such a wonderful experience to get wet in the rain. In school, after the games if we saw clouds gathering, we deliberately hung around waiting for the rain, and went home fully drenched. And, in Kerala, there is lots of rain too. Even now I look for an excuse to get wet in the rain. A ride in the rain is an unparalleled experience!

But, here in Bangalore, now I don't know how safe it is, going by the number of trees coming crashing down on unsuspecting people driving cars and motorbikes. Getting killed or even maimed after a tree crashing on the car is such an unfortunate thing to happen. Even today when there was a strong dust storm, a number trees crashed and one guy died on Airport Road, when a tree fell on them as they were riding on a scooter. Sad!


  1. Getting wet in the first rain is an old sport that I don't practise nowadays, not if I want smoggy rain water coursing over me. But Bangalore does get a good whipping by the rain Gods more times than I can remember. I wonder why we are the chosen ones?

  2. It rained in Bangalore? The city seemed air-conditioned after your stay in Bhopal? Why are you rubbing salt into poor Madraswallas' wounds? I am going to sue you for creating envy.

  3. Its not very safe in Bangalore when the clouds open up, believe me I have had bad experiences.