Tuesday, May 31, 2005

US smiling at France?

The US must be mighty pleased to see the French rejecting the EU constitution. It was the dream of Jacques Chirac to build a Europe like the USA, with the nations like states; and at the end of it all to give a good competition to the US. With many more nations to ratify the constitution, one wonders where EU is heading for. I guess people at the EU headquarters should try to find out why people are upset and may be set right the constitution so that it becomes acceptable to all.

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  1. well, like many people in France I am not smilling, as I think we lost one of the most wondeful opportunities to live in a better world. It i not a country of States that was meant to Europa, but a balance to the world to America, who at this right moment has no lesson to give us neither to the world!
    the NO was an irresponsable No, In such important moments internal politics should be put appart and not misunderstand why the vote was for. the vote was for our children's future,
    I hope those that said no, the same that get more than 8 milliards of euros per year from Europe as a subvension, are not obliging our children to bend during their whole life . Europe will live