Saturday, May 21, 2005

Wow! A welcome relief!

9.15 pm. I hear something hitting the glass panes of the office windows. It's raining! A hailstorm? I look through the window. Carried by rather strong winds, rain drops are lashing on to the buildings on M G Road. I rush out to the balcony. I let myself be lost in the cool gust of wind. I let tiny droplets gently slam my face. I look down on to a stream of water on the road in search some hails. Couldn't find any. I allow myself a few more moments of bliss in the gentle caress of a nightly wet breeze. And then, it's back to work.


  1. From the heatwave and sweat and hot blow of wind it suddenly turns to hailstorm and rain,cool breeze,Life seems so beautiful and relaxing again,Few moments to grab the feeling of joy and relief and then "BACK TO WORK"
    The heat wave warning is extended in Hyd for another 10 hrs:( and there was heavy wind today evening and cloudy also,thought it might rain,but alas,in vein:(

  2. We drove into the city to see the first showers. What a welcome!