Sunday, May 1, 2005

Cellphone dependence

How dependent are on we on our gadgets like mobile phones! Some of us are tempted to use it even when there is no need. An example:

A few of my friends and I were heading to a friend's house in the city. Our friend had given the address and explained very clearly the route, complete with the landmarks.

As we were approaching the house, I suggested that we just ask someone where the apartment complex was, just to be doubly sure that we were on the right track. But my friends suggested that, instead, we will call up the friend on the cellphone. I said, no. Since, I thought, we need to call up only if are lost, and no one was around to guide us to our destination. But, I was branded as 'obstinate'!

In India, generally, it'sn't easy locating any place. Of course, I won't deny exceptions. One, proper street maps aren't there; and two numbers on building aren't in any particular order. So, after 53 it could well be 99 and 54 would be two streets away! Merely with postal address it's next to impossible to locate a building. A few landmarks are a must.

Yet, I have never had any problem locating a house or office, provided correct address and landmarks are provided. I have so far never ever got lost, that I had call up some one and had to be escorted to the destination. And this trip was one of the easiest: just one check with a pedestrian for a confirmation.


  1. The Indian obsession with cell phones is baffling. Perhaps it is the novelty or we are an overly communicative race.

  2. Bangalorean autorickshaw drivers arent an exception either.
    Ever seen a rick driver with a nokia 7260?
    Makes you lose faith in economic hierarchy sometimes!


    ps-ladies seat Mr. Nair... comin up???

  3. Well,more than using a product for its usability many buy it for the style or fashion or just for fun and many for keeping up the race with others:) and ppl who dont do any of it are laughed at or made faces at.

  4. In keeping with the spirit of the discussions here I found an extremely inetresting post that warrants your attention.

    Anish's blogspot!

  5. nice article! infact its nice to read one's fine observations on day to day happenings, and one's take on it. very informative. i am impressed that you need atmost one pedestrain to "verify" your destination. cool! i usually bug up 4/5 ;) but then it depends on where in bangalore i go!

    to mention, no offence to you. i would like to point out one thing, dont make your blog a newspaper. i feel it serves no purpose and it looks like an alternative for "i-cannt-think-any-thing-better-than-this". :D though u are more a "matter-of-fact" kind of person, please keep the newspaper sick practicalities at bay. a blog is your personal journal, write something personal.

    i am sorry for being harsh !

  6. ask me.. my friends standing right in front of my house call me up and ask me .. hey kiran wheres ur house... this is called heights of communication.. and i have airtel to airtel free.. so what we do ins for timepass sit in the cafeteria just 3 seats away from eachother and talk over the phone.. man.. cell phones make me crazy at times but love them too..

  7. Anonymous: Thanks a lot for the frank comments. You weren't harsh. I appreciate your views.

    A blog, or webjournal, need not necessarily be only an account of one's life, a la a diary. More accurately, it is a personal view on anything that you can think of, is it not?

    I know, some of my blog entries are quite newspaperish. Nevertheless they are my personal views on a particular happening.

    Well, my blog reflects what is in my mind. There's a broad spectrum: from what's my solution to Kashmir problem to why I prefer coffee to tea.

    With your comment I realise I need to put more the latter type than the former.

    Thanks a ton for dropping by, and I hope you will keep coming back to my jottings.

  8. Near my house, there is a supermarket which is on the ground floorof an apartment complex. It is a familiar scene in every aisle for a young person to be on the cell phone asking for specifications of the stuff to be bought.Mind you, their flat is just one lift ride away. But they stand before the shelf where tea is stacked and call up and ask the person at the other end for the brand, quantity etc..ditto at each aisle.
    Wonder how they survived before they had cell phones!