Thursday, July 13, 2006

Zidane unconvincing

So, finally Zinedine Zidane has spoken, but he didn't tell exactly what Materazzi had said that led to the violent head butting during Sunday's world cup soccer final in Berlin.

He said to the effect that the Italian had said harsh, very personal things, about his mother and sister, two or three times.

France, as indicated by its media, has completely forgiven Zidane. Quite understandable.

But I am not convinced. Was Materazzi more important than world cup? Was that... whatever Materazzi uttered... worth giving up the World Cup Football Crown for. I fully believe the Cup was well and truly France's way.


  1. Sorry Pradeep Sir, I respectfully disagree with you. I think any man with would have reacted that way. Men are created like that.

  2. What Zidane did was unpardonable. He should have realised that as France's key player, tackling and goading through abuse would be a tactic the opposition would try. He should have kept his cool.

  3. Byju: I think the problem is that some of us, like me, tend to hold stars like Zidane on a high pedestal. We give them a larger than life image. We don't expect them to behave like ordinary human beings...

    Coincidentally, TOI today has a leader article on the edit page on the same subject. "Zidane's reaction to the taunt has come as a shock to many because he is a living legend. Seen as a cerebral player and an inspirational leader, in addition to playing his last international game, he was least expected to headbutt a player," says the author in Eye for Eye.

    Silverine: Yes, probably, it was Materazzi's tactic to distract Zidane; and it's Zidane who lost the war of nerves besides football.

  4. Byju: I forgot to give you the link of the TOI article.,curpg-1.cms

  5. Pradeep do check this out.