Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A to Z Challenge - Z for Zip

Theme - Journalism jargons
No, this is not exactly a journalism jargon. However, it's a term that we have been hearing in newsrooms ever since the advent of computers.

Indeed, it's a computer jargon, and like many typography jargons that are also journalism jargons, this too can be adopted as one.

Since this is a very modern term, I don't have to explain what it means. Yet, for the uninitiated, it is the process of using a computer programme (like WinZip) to stitch multiple files into one compressed file.

The zipped file occupies less space on the computer than all the individual files put together and such a compressed file is easier to send to another person via the internet.

The recipient will have to use the programme to unzip the compressed file into individual files.

Today journalists use computers and mobile phones for typing out stories and taking photographs and videos. When there are multiple files to be transmitted via the internet, they are zipped so that they can be sent easily.

(This post is a part of the "Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2019".)


  1. Congrats on completing the A-Z! I learnt a tonne of interesting things about newspapers and journalism here. Well done!

  2. There was an old (1930s) movie on the other day where the reporters had to all clamor for limited phones to dictate their stories to the newsroom on the other end. My, how times have changed...

  3. Congratulations on successfully completing another year of A to Z Challenge.

  4. Hi Nilanjana - Thanks for those kind words! I shall catch up with your posts soon.

    Hi Liz - Yes, they used to rush to public telephone booths to dictate the story to the newsdesk.

    Hi Rajan - Thank you. I am glad many of you were following my posts and taking the effort to jot down your thoughts. Thanks.

  5. Nice way to wrap up the challenge! Congratulations on completing it.

  6. You zipped it up perfectly, Pradeep--well done! Congrats on completing an interesting and informative Challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed your posts.

  7. Hi Pradeep - congratulations on finishing the A-Z ... I'm just about to start reading through your other entries ... and as Nila says - I know I'm going to enjoy each one and learn lots ... cheers Hilary


  8. Hi Darla - Thanks for dropping by and comments. :-)

    Hi Josna - Glad y0u enjoyed the posts. Thanks.

    Hi Hilary - Thank you. :-)