Thursday, January 13, 2005

Admission blues

Yesterday, the Supreme Court in an excellent verdict stipulated that Std XII results all across the country should be out by June 10, so that students can join professional courses in time.

This has been a problem faced by millions of students over so many decades. Many students used to lose a year. Finally, some solution, I guess. In our democratic country, the Supreme Court is the only institution people listen to. They have no alternative. Maybe the Supreme Court could go ahead and rectify other problems faced by students during admission to professional colleges.

The worst part is the indecision. Because of unclear admission procedures students don't know where they can get admission and when. It's often a sad story of a student trying his or her luck. There are so many colleges, so many courses, and students don't know what course is available where.

In how many colleges, you can get the basic information regarding the courses they have on one bulletin board? That is something so basic which a college can easily put up. Often there will be one person at some counter who will be sick and tired of answering umpteen questions of countless people.

Another problem is that admissions to the same course (like management) in different colleges begin at different months. What can be worse than this!

Hope these things are set right at the earliest.

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