Monday, January 10, 2005

What's Jaya up to?

One of those days after a long time when there were many competing items of news. It started off with the tsunami relief cricket from which at the end of the day they collected at least 11 million dollars. Then there was this bus accident. Really horrible for a driver to be drunk and let the conductor steer the bus to doom.

Through the day, there was another drama unfolding. Supreme Court let off Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati on bail. That was expected since SC had been making observations that the prosecution didn't have really clinching evidence as of now.

But the master stroke, if we could call that, came in the evening around 6 pm. Jayalalithaa getting Junior pontiff Vijayendra Saraswati arrested. We heard reports the she may even seal the mutt. But till late night that news couldn't be confirmed. The mutt his head less.

The timing is amazing. I won't be surprised if Jayalalithaa had an inkling of the SC granting bail and had the act ready, for arresting the junior seer. But how is it that she is so sure of there being no backlash to her moves. Or, is she blundering along on a suicidal path?

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  1. The first reaction here of everyone (including a senior editor) of the arrest was: J has gone mad!
    The Junior's arrest was 'in the pipeline', as revealed by the Prime Minister. What I feel is that by arresting him on the same day, she could prevent the SC verdict and its castigating the TN Police from occupying the lead spot in newspapers.
    She has fairly succeeded, as is evident from todays headlines.