Thursday, January 6, 2005

Tsunami relief -- credibility question

Like the Gujarat earthquake and the earlier Latur quake, the tsunami waves have in turn opened floodgates of relief. Individuals and organisations are announcing aid for victims. Sometimes I wonder if there is a competitive element in it -- like the "I gave more than him" sort.

Even though there is a lot of skepticism on whether all the money is reaching the affected people, the way people are taking out their cheque books is amazing. I wish people exhibited the same sort of sensitivity at normal times!

One thing I noticed was that generally people distrust the PM's and CM's Relief Fund. Most people I spoke to preferred contributing to relief funds of well-known newspapers or TV channesl -- an indication of the respective levels of credibility. Yesterday, I saw heaps of cheques at my office. Also it feels good that people are trusting the organisation you work for with their cheques.


  1. I came to know that people contacted newspapers and said they were ready to contribute more if the amount collected was not given to the Prime Minister's or Chief Minister's funds. Few people believe the funds will reach the people.

  2. Aren't the newspapers too finally goint to give the contribution to the PM's or CM's relief fund?!!!