Thursday, January 6, 2005

PM's relief fund

I thought government relief funds like the PM's and CM's relief funds wouldn't bag much contributions. because of the low credibility government agencies enjoy. But today's Express carries a story by Ritu Sarin saying PM's relief funds has collected Rs 350 crore so far. Rs 35 crore in the last two days. But issues of accountability are still there. I don't think anyone truly believes every paise contributed is actually reaching the needy. The BJP yesterday came out with a suggestion to link contributions from each taluk of the state with an area in TN, so that the money contributed can be tracked and accounted for.

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  1. India is a vast country and when a calamity of such magnitude strikes, no one can handle it better than the government. Each and everyone contributing to the relief fund know pretty well that only half the amount will reach the needy. However, there is some hope that it will reach them. For, the NGOs and other voluntary organisations have their own limitations in terms of reach and aid.
    Only the government is equipped to do. But the question is will it?