Sunday, January 2, 2005

Bad miss

This is what you call a bad miss. And, also a cruel paradox.
While India Today and Frontline hit the stands with coverage of Tsunami tragedy, Outlook has the annual double issue. And guess what it screams: 47% Indians say they are very happy. And it's all about happiness, when the nation is still talking about the tidal waves that wreaked havoc.
Since it is a double issue, we will have to wait another week to read it all in Outlook.


  1. Outlook published two special issues this week - one, a year in review edition and one short 16 page edition focussing on just the Tsunami even though it was Outlook's annual break.

  2. Dear Pradeep,
    The issue you are referring to seems to be the previous issue. I bought this week's issue (Collector's issue on photographs) which includes a 'companion' issue which covers the tsunami.