Monday, April 4, 2022

A2Z Challenge - Day 3 - Cats

On top of the refrigerator

Back in my school and college days, at my home in Kerala, we had at one time as many as 12 cats spanning four generations. They were in a sense my childhood companions, I had so much fun playing with them. 

While I was at my desk studying or doing my homework, one of them would climb on to my lap. On seeing that, another one follow. And then, a third one. If there wasn't enough room for comfort, s/he would reluctantly decide to settle on my desk.

Some others chose to be circumspect. They would stand up on their hind legs with their forelimbs resting on my chair. They would survey the scene for availability of space before taking the trouble of jumping on to my lap.

Right now we don't have cats at home. The last time we had was between 2015 and 2017. 

Cats have a great liking for boxes, in fact any enclosure. That's because they give them a sense of security and protection. Inside the boxes, the temperature is slightly higher than the room temperature. And, that's what cats like.

Besides boxes and bags, cats are fascinated by umbrellas. Open one them and it keep it on the floor. The cat will go around it examining it from all sides. If there are more cats, then they start playing a version of hide-and-seek, or catch-me, as they run around it. When one of them climbs over it, because of the weight, the umbrella begins to roll, making the cats all the more excited. It's great fun!

On the clothesline!

Anything that is moving attracts the attention of cats, and they like to play with it. Here is a short video:

(There are more cat videos on my YouTube channel).

There are admirers of cats and admirers of dogs. The diehard fans claim that their pet is more superior than the other, But, I think both are loving, friendly and comforting in their own way. 

I like dogs too, though I have never had one as a pet at home.

There is a common assumption that cats aren't loyal to the pet owner. But I don't think so, going by my experience. They were so attached to me. I have seen that they are very perceptive too. When one of our family members hasn't been at home for a few days, cats realise that. And they seem to ask: 'where has he gone?' 'When will he be back'? 

When we talk to them, they meow back -- only that they aren't able to talk to us in a language that we know.

Do you like cats, or dogs, or both?


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  1. Hari OM
    Delightful video! I am now without pets, but had Jade Dog and Jasper Cat and they were never seperate. When I took Jade her walk, Jasper tagged along too. When Jade died, Jasper never forgave me her absence...YAM xx

  2. Very interesting. Loved the video clip. I did not know you are a cat lover. I have a question in my mind for a long time. Can you please tell me? Is it true cats will never give birth when someone is observing her? So, naturally a cat will give birth only at nights when no one is observing her.

    1. No...that is not so. They will give birth. Sometimes they seek you out..but not often.

    2. Hi Rajan,
      I think I have heard about this. But, in my house, cats have given birth during the day time. But of course we left the cat to its privacy in the dark space in a box or cupboard.

  3. 'As curious as cat' is the only aspect that I love about cats for I am a dog person. You having 14 cats from 4 generations bowled me over! Kaise kar lete the aap (manage I mean)?!

  4. Am not a fan of either...but my husb and inlaws have many cats at home since ages. They r both cat and dog lovers. I find cats cute and funny though and authoritative. That's a cute pic of cat on clothe ropes....

    Much love to ur cats :)

    Dropping by from a to z

  5. I'm left with a warm and fuzzy feeling after reading this post. I like cats and dogs. But, I don't have any as pets. Doha is famous for its cats--they rule the city:)

    After watching this video the 'cat and curiosity' adage came to mind.

    The description of your childhood (4 generations of cats) and your love for them is precious.

    Thank you for writing such a lovely post.

  6. I don't know why but I am scared of cats, well not if they are close to me but I can't touch them.

  7. Hi Pradeep - we're fellow cat lovers - we used to be dog people, but over time we've become diehard cat lovers. We have two atm and and they make great companions and pets.

  8. When i grew up (also in Kerala ) we always used to have cats around and sometimes litters of kittens . One such kitten, we found abandoned on a rainy night and brought him home. After he grew up he was freely moving between our home and also some of our neighbors . So he was like our neighbourhood pet. We left kerala that year . When we went back after 1 year to visit , he came running back and kept mewing and rubbing against my mother s legs. Cats are extremely loyal too !

  9. Wow! Thats a lot of cats! The bit about cats liking umbrellas is new to me. Our neighbour has a cat and that likes our balcony very much - much to my discomfort!

  10. If I had to choose between a cat and a dog, I would go for the cat. They are self-sufficient, you don't need to walk them, rain or shine.
    My charisma seems to tell cats that they can trust me. Just the other day I visited a friend whose cat approached me right away. He was stunned and said the cat does usually not like strangers at all.

  11. I so enjoyed this, Pradeep. I had no idea that you were used to cats and enjoyed them. You are right; they are loyal. Mine are very loving toward me and show that love. All cats will if....if they are also shown love snd gentleness.
    Thank you for such a nice surprise today with the kitty topic.

  12. The cat pictures are quite cute specially the one on the clothesline :)

  13. Such a lovely post on cats! The photo with a cat on the clothesline is so cute! See you around the A-Z challenge!

  14. Not a pet-person at all, but i enjoyed your post! Perhaps I like to see pets from a distance!

  15. I will always be in favor of cats! They are the sweetest animals in the world!!!

  16. Cats run the internet ;)

    I had cats as a kid. None now, but I'm more a cat person than a dog person. There are quite a few cat-centric blogs, if you're looking ;)

  17. These pictures are too cute and I am a Cat Person. A refreshing post! :)

  18. Cats and dogs have both blessed my life. Two of the former just thundered through the room past me. :D And again! They made me yelp. ~giggles~ There is nothing like a bonded pair of young pets. Best wishes!

  19. A lovely post so endearing to a cat lover like me who has two pets:)

  20. Twelve cats?
    I only have two and already I can't handle them sometimes. LOL!

    The Old Shelter - Enter the New Woman